Working papers

Balima, H.W., Sokolova A. IMF Programs and Economic Growth: a Meta-Analysis. Series: Economics, WP BRP 240/EC/2020. available here

Pekarski, S., Sokolova A. Default Costs and Self-fulfilling Fiscal Limits in a Small Open Economy, WP BRP 243/EC/2021 PS_WP.pdf

Peiris, M.U., Sokolova A, Tsomocos, D.P. Capital Flows, Default, and Renegotiation in a Small Open Economy// Saïd Business School WP 2017-03 available here

Work in progress 

Sokolova A. Marginal Propensity to Consume in Recessions: a Meta-analysis.

Banerjee, S., Sokolova A. Should I Stay or Should I Go? A Model of IMF Program Participation.


Sokolova, A., Sorensen, T.  Monopsony in Labor Markets: A Meta-Analysis. ILR Review. 2021; 74(1):27-55 available here

Havranek T., Sokolova A. 2020 Do Consumers Really Follow a Rule of Thumb? Three Thousand Estimates from 144 Studies Say ‘Probably Not’ Review of Economic Dynamics, Volume 35Pages 97-122,
paper, data & code

Havranek T., Rusnák M. , Sokolova A. 2017 Habit formation in consumption: A meta-analysis. European Economic Review. 2017. Vol. 95. No. June 2017. P. 142-167 available heredata & code

Sokolova A. 2015 Fiscal Limits and Monetary Policy: Default vs. Inflation. Economic Modelling. Vol. 48. P. 189-198. 
available here

Sokolova A. 2014. Are inflation expectations in Russia forward-looking? International Journal of Computational Economics and Econometrics. Vol. 4. No. 1/2. P. 254 -268.
available here

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